All Things Energy Storage Show


Episode Summary

Stars On The Show This Week Our special guest CEO of Simpliphi Power Catherine Von Burg joins us for a wide discussion on the landscape of the world of energy storage, fighting climate change, fighting the "Public" Utilities Commission and Monopolistic Utilities for our right to generate our own power that we paid for, and how getting into the Renewable Energy Business is the best hands on way to learn and become successful in the new economy. Math, Science, Physics are the keys to engineering and there's no better way to learn these concepts than working hands on in the Renewable Energy Industry. Thank you Catherine Von Burg and your Team (Sequoya, Troy, Matt, Rodoflo etc) who help us and our customers every day to achieve their energy storage dreams! Episode 171 - Aired 1-15-22 - Tune in to Power Talk FM/96.7 & AM/1400 Saturdays: 11AM to Noon P.S.T. for the "ALL THINGS ENERGY STORAGE SHOW"